PSA | Getting Robbed (!!!) & Safe Online Shopping


Rewind to about two weeks ago. I am sitting on my laptop while watching the Bachelor (p.s. is any one else heartbroken that Amanda went home?! She was my fave!!) when I get an email from my bank asking if I could verify a purchase of $500 to Victoria Secret. Umm... HUH?! I clicked no, & immediately went to my wallet to see where I could have possibly left my card. Weirdest thing ever- it was right where it was supposed to be. Little did I know, thieves have gotten quite tech-savvy & supposedly can get your card information just by standing next to you. I called the bank the next day only to find out they must have put my swipe strip on a different card because they were shopping in the store. SO…


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Spring Co-Ords

"All Things Fashion"

Spring is here! La-tee-dah. I am still kinda sour we didn't have a winter, but rumor has it April showers are going to be pretty serious around here (so, basically... we may get a drizzle or two), so for the meantime I am taking full advantage of some Spring styles. Mainly, Spring co-ords. Sets are my favorite lately. They are easy to wear & no matter what- you look super put together. If you follow me on Snapchat/Instagram- you've seen I am having a major moment with light light pastels of any shade. Seriously though, I am oddly drawn to all thing pastel, especially pale pinks (which is so weird for me & my all black wardrobe, right?!). I have actually had pink nails for two weeks & bought a pink iPhone case. WHO…

Beauty & Wellness | Essentials, Lately

"Health & Beauty, Lifestyle"

A few of you lovely ladies have requested I share some of my beauty favorites, so... that's the plan for today! Also, I love love love when you guys requests posts. I blog for you wonderful babes, so keep them coming. I actually wanted to do more then share all my make-up products, as there is way more in my routines then just lipsticks & mascaras, so I am also including some game changing wellness products as well! I have probably 900 other things I love, but I didn't want to overwhelm you, so I promise to include more of these types of posts in the future! Best part is, majority of these products won't break the bank. I do a lot of research on what goes on my face & body, so it's not…

This & That

"Lifestyle, This & That"

» cutest new lacey bra from Impish Lee, the first ever design it yourself lingerie site. I loved picking all the elements to create my PERFECT sexy bralette. « SO-- Zack & I decide late last night we need sparkling water (this happens a lot, as I am addicted to the stuff). As we are getting ready to go, I realize my wallet is gone. YUP, brand new wallet filled with all my cards/photos/checks/etc. GONE. We tear apart the car, retrace my steps through out the entire day (even scouring the CVS parking lot), & literally wrap our hands in trash bags to dig through the DUMPSTER. Great way to end the weekend, right? We didn't find it, but the search will continue on today... once I can control my gag reflex & can…

Same Same, But Different | Fur Loafers

"All Things Fashion, Same Same But Different"

fashionlush, fur loafers, designer dupe I am so so so excited about this effing post & what better day to share it then on everyone's fave day of the week? It's like a little Friday prezzie from me to you to help kick the weekend off super right (cause what's better then new shoes #ONAFRIDAY, seriously?!). It's been a while since I've shared any "designer dupes", & that's because I haven't come across any WOW items that I actually had to buy myself, but this is for sure one big HUGE gigantic effing WOW that I def. bought myself the second I saw them. Every blogger & their dog/mom/sister is rocking the habitually sold out Gucci Princetown Fur Loafers & I have been drooling over every Insta shot of these beauties flooding my feed.…